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10 Best Privacy Screen Protectors for iPhone X

Anti-Spy iPhone X Protectors

With the growth of insecurity and the increase of online/cyberbullying along with everyday data breaches, privacy has become the biggest concern of every individual. Today, at least 10% of teenagers who are victims of privacy breaches, whatever the source or cause may be.

So, privacy matters and one simple step you could take as a part of protecting yourself is getting a privacy screen protector. Anti-Spy/Privacy screen protectors are tempered glasses with advanced screen films that prevent side viewing.

Well, that might not be much. But for the people who love to keep their conversations personal and their passwords a secret or do whatever the work they have to in a private manner, privacy screen protectors are a great choice.

We bring you the 10 best privacy screen protectors for iPhone X. The iPhone X is the latest edition in the iPhone line with a 5.8-inch full body screen. So, to better fit the requirements of the phone as well as the user, we have filtered out top 10 tempered glasses for iPhone X from all we have.


BISEN Privacy Screen Protector

  • Comes as 9H hardness with maximum screen protection glass
  • 2.5D curved anti-chip edges
  • Offers anti-fingerprint and anti-shatter glass
  • Offers anti-shock and anti-drop guarantee too
  • Comes with bubble-free adhesives for a perfect installation

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GEMYON iPhone x Anti-Spy Screen Protector

  • Comes as 9H harness with 0.33mm ultra-thin tempered glass
  • Curved surface that bonds with your phone
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch proof
  • Offers a flexible and shatter-proof protection to your iPhone X
  • Assures of anti-peeling of glass pieces

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Mr Shield iPhone X Screen Protector for Privacy

  • Comes as 4H Hardness with scratch resistant glass
  • Anti-fingerprint film
  • Provides easy installation with bubble-free adhesives
  • Offers lifetime replacement warranty for any user-errors or damaged product.

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GPEL 3D iPhone X Screen Protector

  • Comes as 9H Hardness with 3D edge-to-edge glass
  • Made from Japanese Asahi Glass and offers shatter-proof even if cracked
  • Curvy edges to fit the complete screen
  • Directs the light towards your eyes only with the help of micro-sized louvers

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ZUSLAB Privacy Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  • Comes as 9H Hardness with 2.5D edge and 0.33mm thickness glass
  • Anti-spy filter with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint technology
  • Created from environmental-friendly materials
  • Offers anti-explosion

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AKPATI Tempered Glass Privacy Film

  • Comes with 9H hardness anti-scratch proof and shock-absorption glass
  • Offers anti-fingerprint and anti-shatterproof and 4D Touch compatibility
  • The open-edge display covers complete visible screen for full protection
  • Offers high response and high transparency
  • The screen protector has adhesives to help users with hassle-free and bubble-free installation

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GolemGuard Anti Spy 3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  • Comes with 9H hardness anti-scratch and anti-shatter proof durable glass
  • Offers shock absorption and protects from drops and damages
  • Offers full-screen protection with curved edges
  • Premium 3D full screen glass for privacy protection

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SEDDEX Anti Spy Premium 360 Degree Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  • Comes as high-quality privacy film with 9H hardness, 0.3MM thickness, and 2.5D round edges.
  • Offers clear screen viewing and protects against the eye strains
  • Offers anti-scratch and anti-smudge proof glass
  • Adhesives for bubble-free installation
  • Offers lifetime replacement warranty for bubbled or damaged product.

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  • Comes with 9H hardness anti-scratch and anti-shatter glass
  • Offers high transmittance to help bring the original color/brightness
  • Offers HD retina viewing and protection against sweat and oil residue
  • Helps to prevent and filter ultraviolet rays.
  • The product is a package of 3 different screens; transparent, privacy protection, and black edges.

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iCarez Screen Protector Tempered Glass

  • Comes with 9H hardness 4 way (360 degrees) privacy protection glass
  • Offers anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-glare technology
  • TrueTouch sensitivity for optimal 3D touch experience
  • Offers anti-bacterial to help better protect the device and the user
  • Doesn’t cover the sensors for an optimal feature-rich mobile experience.

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121C Cruiser Skateboard Review – Design, Pros & Cons

121c Cruiser Skateboard

In the age where the indoor games have become the definite health threat to a whole new generation, skateboarding is one of the outdoor sports that requires lot energy and thus facilitates a healthy lifestyle.

However, the traditional skateboards now seem to be a thing of the past. Cruiser skateboards have become the new talk of the town in the recent times, and they are gaining popularity among the younger folks, especially the teenagers.

The skateboarding events that take place around the globe also prove to be a lot helpful in maintaining the general interest in this highly athletic and entertaining sport. Let’s get into Cruiser Skateboard Design, Specs, Pros & Cons.

Cruiser Skateboard Overview

The brand name 121C was the idea generated by a group of some dynamic youngsters lead by Ryan Olliges, now known as a visionary genius to present the skateboarding in front of the world in a whole new light. They began their crowd funding campaign with Aileron Skate Desk.

121 C Cruiser Skateboard Review

The success of that particular campaign gave them enough reasons to launch one more. The new project comes with an environmental mission- to diminish the carbon filling fiber scrap. If their unabashed claims are to be believed, then they have come with a product that will take the whole skateboarding experience to another level by bringing into the market the most stylish, coolest and lightest cruiser skateboard.

The idea for the Rover came along when the makers felt during the production of Aileron that into a very large cruiser deck, the amount of trim scrap was too little for the incorporation in it. A need was felt to make the wrongs right and a second board went into the production, which happens to be Rover. The thoughtfulness of the team is quite inspiring. Let us now take a look into the design and technical aspects of the skateboard.

Cruiser Skateboard Design

The basic design inspiration for the Rover has been inspired from JPL’s Pathfinder Rover, which happens to be known as one of the best in the market. The core design pattern remains the same- a gracefully simple design, yet maintaining a lightweight and high functionality.

The lightweight in the design comes with a lot of advantages when it comes to skateboarding. First of all, the lightweight makes it easy to carry from place to place and moving on it across the college campus, or your street makes it pretty comfortable and easy.

Cruiser Skateboard Design

It comes at a mere 560 grams, while most of the skateboards are almost twice as this one, which is a massive difference. The reason for that is the intricate design that has led to the removal of those heavy plastic cruisers and comes along with a very light wood deck. These features provide the skater with a lot more flexibility in the movement and not to forget, the eccentric style, that is the USP of the Rover.

Shedding the extra weight has allowed the creative folks behind the designs to experiment with the design a bit, and they came up with a wider deck and trucks. This, other than providing a stylish look to the board, also does the job of providing some additional stability and great control.

The stiffness of the carbon fiber also has allowed them to make it thin, less than ¼ inches. As they also have installed shark wheels in the design, the least we could say is that the design is madly uber cool.

Some additional design features are also there to better the overall impact. The added cutouts on the Rover serve as hard security points. They let your board be secured inside your locker or maybe outside, with a padlock. They eliminate the chances of it being stolen.

Cruiser Skateboard Technical Specifications

As beautiful the design is, the technical specs happen to be more beautiful than that. There used to be a general notion about the length, width and overall design of a skateboard but the Rover has challenged almost all of them altogether.

The length of the Rover stands at 21.95 inches while the width is about 6.47 in. The wheelbase stands at an impressive 12.00 inch along with a tail that is 1.19 inches in total.

Technically, this may be one of the best skateboards ever produced and the design makes it a stylish one. The perfect combo, we must say. 

Cruiser Skateboard Specifications

Cruiser Skateboard Pros

  • Super lightweight.
  • Easy and comfortable to carry.
  • Well built and superbly stylish.

Cruiser Skateboard Cons

  • The makers have indicated that the price may be a bit higher than an average skateboard.
  • Availability in countries other than the US can be an issue.


While the whole skateboarding industry is coming out with some super cool products, Cruiser Skateboard is separate from the rest. The skateboard itself is reminiscent of style and charm, and the Rover fulfills all the requirements to become a rage in times to come.

OnePlus 3 Review – Design, Specifications, Pros & Cons

OnePlus 3 Display Review

Apple and Samsung have been ruling the smartphone market since decades, and it’s quite impossible for a new company to break into the market and then get into the top 5 producers. Once the company gets through Apple and Samsung; there are Blackberry, Microsoft, LG, and HTC to beat. OnePlus has managed to come a long way in the smartphone market in a short period.

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3, the latest addition to the OnePlus family, is undoubtedly better than what the users expected. There is nothing wrong in saying that OnePlus 3 is the company’s most impressive accomplishment to date. Available at about $400, this smartphone has emerged as a serious contender for the $7-800 Andriod phones by the well-established companies. OnePlus 3 is here to stay and meet all the challenges because the invite system to order the phone is now gone.

OnePlus 3 Review

OnePlus 3 Specifications

Have a look at the full list of OnePlus 3 Specifications:

  • 5.5-inch screen
  • 1,920 x 1,080 pixel display (401ppi)
  • Dimensions: 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.4mm
  • Weight: 158 grams
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
  • Adreno 530 GPU
  • 6GB RAM
  • 64GB storage (32GB variant may be offered in some markets)
  • 16MP main camera
  • 8MP selfie/front facing camera
  • USB-C port (Dash Charge 5V/4A)
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • NFC
  • Dual-SIM
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Oxygen OS (Android 6.0.1)

OnePlus 3 Design and Build Quality

OnePlus 3 Review

OnePlus has maintained a unique identity by staying far away from the conventional smartphone design, but this time, the case is totally opposite with OnePlus 3. It looks quite similar to HTC One but has managed to look stunningly handsome device. With a new aluminum unibody design, the latest OnePlus 3 looks better than all of OnePlus’ past devices which either had a plastic or glass finish. By adopting this design, OnePlus has also made the conscious decision to do away with StyleSwap covers.  However, if you are not a fan of the metal look of this slim and attractive device, OnePlus offers snap-on covers made of wood, bamboo, and other such materials also.

From that large camera sensor in the middle to the antenna lines around it, everything will feel quite familiar. The fingerprint sensor from the OnePlus 2 has also returned. The screen is covered in Gorilla Glass 4, and a single speaker and headphone jack alongside the USB Type-C port on the base of the handset. Made using an anodized aluminum unibody the phone looks slightly sleeker than the previous OnePlus models with its rounded design, and comes in two colors: Graphite and Soft Gold. Above the volume keys, the traditional activity slider is there which lets you easily change the notifications profile, without even looking at the handset.

OnePlus 3 Display

OnePlus 3 Display Review

With a display of 5.5-inches, OnePlus 3 is quite a large phone, especially considering the bezel itself is quite minimal. Although the bezel on the sides of the display could be considered minimal, the overall size of the OnePlus 3 can largely be attributed to the large bezels above and below the screen. The fingerprint sensor itself is similar to other handsets in that it allows you to unlock the phone in a fraction of a second without waking up the phone from standby.

The 5.5-inch, 1080p resolution display is bright, and the edges smoothly curve down into the bezel. There are also chamfered details around the display and charging port, which catch and reflect light in interesting ways. The capacitive keys have a very neutral design. While the display may not be QHD, the decision to go for an Optic AMOLED panel on the OnePlus 3 makes everything much more vibrant.

OnePlus 3 Camera

OnePlus 3 Camera Review

Photo quality on the device’s 16-megapixel camera is solid, and the images turn out to be bright and clear. This high-quality camera ensures that even in tricky lighting, the photos still turn out clear and evenly exposed. OnePlus kept the interface super simple, and the camera has automatic High Dynamic Range shooting, which will allow the camera to decide when it’s best to capture an HDR image.

Manual shooting mode lets the user configure things like ISO levels, HD mode, and white balance. When it comes to video, the camera has 4K video, as well as time-lapse and slow-motion movies.

OnePlus 3 OS and Performance

The device features OnePlus’ very own OxygenOS interface that runs on top of Google Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Aside from a few Google services, the handset doesn’t come with any pre-installed apps, which can be later installed from the Google Play Store. Then, there is OnePlus’ signature Shelf feature, which provides an extra homepage that gives you access to your recent apps, favorite contacts, and other selected widgets.

With OxygenOS, the users can choose different accent colors for the menu items and change the color of the LED notifications light. There are also plenty of gesture controls, such as double tapping to wake up the screen. The Night mode tints the display to reduce eye strain at night. This feature just arrived natively to Android N and was introduced in iOS 9 as Night Shift.

The OnePlus 3 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with an Adreno 530 GPU and 64GB of non-expandable storage. NFC aside, the OnePlus 3 brings the usual array of connectivity options including dual-SIM capabilities which are an out-of-the-box feature.

OnePlus 3 supports a bottom-mounted single-firing speaker which is an average performer. It has a quad-core Snapdragon 820, with two cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and the other two at 1.6 GHz. This is combined with an Adreno 530 GPU, 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The Snapdragon 820 performs very well in the OnePlus 3, without the burdens that OnePlus 2 experienced with its easily overheated Snapdragon 810.

OnePlus 3 Battery

OnePlus 3 Battery Review

The OnePlus 3 comes with a non-removable 3,000mAh battery, which is smaller than both OnePlus 2 (3,300mAh) and OnePlus One (3,100mAh). OnePlus has introduced charging with a twist; Dash Charge. Plug the OnePlus 3 into the Dash Charge block using the chunky USB-C cable and the handset will regain 60% of its charge in just half an hour.

OnePlus has also reduced the amount of heat generated in the device during charging by shifting the main power regulator to the plug block. This also means performance isn’t throttled during fast charging, allowing you to continue playing your favorite games without excessive heat generation.


  • Excellent build quality with metal design
  • Top Notch Performance with 6GB Ram
  • Mostly stock Android, plus some neat features
  • NFC and Alert Slider Returns
  • Faster Fingerprint Reader
  • Dual SIM Support
  • Fast DASH charging
  • Available at only $399


  • Ships with a few minor bugs
  • Limited memory options
  • Smaller battery than OnePlus 2
  • No MicroSD Support
  • Dash charger doesn’t work with all cables


Simply, the best Smartphone under $400

OnePlus, the Chinese startup has finally managed to get everything right with the OnePlus 3. The biggest news around the handset is that OnePlus has finally dropped its dreaded invite system. OnePlus 3 is a great device that hits almost all the right notes; exactly what would be needed to make a ‘flagship killer.’ Battery life isn’t outstanding but, not many phones can do much better than daily charging.

The camera is good, but it’s not fantastic. Still, for $399, OnePlus 3, represents the best balance of price and performance you can find. Overall, OnePlus 3 is a reliable, refined handset offering a feature-set that’s hard to match.

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iDuo Review – Design, Features, Pros & Cons

iDUO iPhone Helper

While many of the leading Smartphones have ventured in dual sim operation, sadly, the iPhone users are devoid of it since the start, and that may not be a bad thing for most of the consumers. But there happens to be a section of the population, especially, the business class that would love to have more than one numbers.

Certainly, there are some good points on the side if the company goes on to manufacture gadgets with a single sim card, but somehow, somewhere the Apple users are disappointed. But they need to be no more as iDuo has arrived with a technology that would let the users use more than one numbers in one device.

iDuo- Make Your iPhone More Functional

An indispensable helper that works primarily through Bluetooth, iDuo is designed for the Apple users especially to make their phones more advanced than they already are. A specialized app is needed for its operation, and once it is downloaded and installed, your phone will detect the sim card that is placed inside the device iDuo. Better yet, for the Apple devices that don’t come with communication features such as iPad and iPod Touch, iDuo takes care of that and makes them open for communication and provides all the calling and texting-related mobile phone features. Altec Corporation has developed the device, and their core research and development team is based out of Shenzen, China.

iDUO Review

iDuo Features

However, the biggest feature of the device remains the obvious one, the dual sim usage on your iPhone but other than that; there are an array of features that come along with this beautiful device.

This device enables one to set the settings in a way that your work number will ring on your personal phone that means no hassle of keeping and managing two phones each for your business and family/friends. Keeping two phones with you comes with its share of disadvantages.

In the busy world, it is very hard to keep one cell phone away from falling, losing or getting stolen and given their sizes; it is a hectic job to carry more than one Smartphone all the time. iDuo makes this easier on you. The functions that it performs are so smart that you don’t need to get a second phone for the same purposes. Just stick the new GSM sim in the device and turn on the Bluetooth and through a uniquely designed app and the Bluetooth connectivity, the device will be connected to your phone, and you are good to go.

iDUO Features

One other function that iDuo performs pretty well is that it warns you whenever you get out of the particular range where your Bluetooth connection with the device breaks. The ideal range is 50 meters, and you will be signaled that your phone is getting out of range, and you won’t receive the calls or the text messages that may come on your number that is installed on iDuo.

Not only the calls and texts, but the device also lets you perform one other feature that the smartphones do. It lets you take photos and thanks to the front camera, even selfies and the quality of those photos are at par with the camera attached to your Smartphone while an alarm and the GPS service are the icings on the cake.

So, yes, it all seems quite shiny but only the time will tell how popular this device is going to be once it gets launched officially in the market and we should also keep in mind that, we can always get a smartphone having slots for two sim cards, so iDuo needs to be really really good it if wants us even to consider getting one.

iDuo Pros

  • High-level connectivity and stable network signals won’t let you feel the absence of another cell phone. Once it gets linked to your iPhone, it will give your phone a dual personality.
  • Pictures can be taken on the device, and the quality is at par with the regular phone cameras and some additional features provided for the selfie-obsessed people works fine.
  • Turns your iPad and iPod Touch into a cell phone that can receive calls and text messages.
  • Works with Bluetooth 4.0, the latest updated version which means there would be no problems in connecting it to the cell phone.
  • Comes with features such as alarms and GPS anti lost.

iDuo Cons

  • Lack of features that would compel the consumers to buy one for them. If they needed a dual sim function, they would just opt for a new phone that offers dual sim functions.
  • Works only with the Apple devices.


iDuo may seem quite flashy and charming from a distance, but it needs to come with more features than present to have a stronghold in the gadget market.

Wooting One Review – Design, Features, Pros & Cons

Wooting One

One of the widest uses of computers other than the very obvious office works, playing movies and songs, happens to be gaming. Especially among the youngsters, who need a computer just for game playing purposes and while the regular keyboard does provide a pretty decent gaming experience of game playing on your computer, it does come with a few issues which hit the gamers pretty hard sometimes in the crucial moments of the game. The key pressed too hard or too soft means different things altogether as far as PC games are concerned and keeping this issue in mind, a new product, Wooting One, is making some news in the market that promises to be a bane for the avid gamers of all ages.

Wooting One: Keyboard for Precise Movements in Games

Wooting One is here now that would make all the analog movements and controls in your game precisely. It acts as if it has a mind of its own and it would understand easily how far you have pressed the key for the analog input. Other than the games, it can also be used accurately for many other applications.

Other than being one of the most advanced video game keyboards, it also performs exceptionally on a general level, and the makers are sure that it would replace the conventional keyboards in no time.

What it does is that the keyboard accurately reads the distance and then translates it to the analog input. This analog technique gets implemented throughout the keyboard through an extremely fast microchip and intelligent circuitry.

Wooting One Review


The Wooting One doesn’t require additional drivers or software to run with; it will do pretty fine with the existing ones, and the compatibility rate would be at par with the regular keyboard. However, if one wants some more features and take full advantage of the price that you are going to pay for the product, we would recommend you to download the configuration software that would help a great deal in making the game playing experience more memorable.

Making a switch between the digital and analog mode is as easy as pushing a button. The high profile analog mode will then be activating all the functions for gaming, while digital mode would make the keyboard function as a regular mechanical keyboard.

Wooting One Features

While the regular keyboard works in two dimensions only, a key is either on or off; this fancy keyboard can sense the intensity and the range of input and deciphers it to follow the command based on the intensity that it has sensed. Not just for the gamers, this keyboard can be used practically for every purpose, and there are some areas where it can outdo the regular keyboards easily.

The keyboard features the brand new Flare tech switch. Other than being modular, it is insanely fast and having a lifetime of about 1, 00,000,000 clicks which are great, to say the least. The two variations are there at the present moment, the red one, and a blue one. The red switch is recommended for the best gaming experience, but ultimately the decision would be yours to make and as it will get updated in the future, replacing it would be a child’s play. The swapping feature also applies to other keys on the keyboard. Just swap two keys based on your convenience.

Wooting One Review

The keyboard, for the sake of beauty, features full RGB colors. There are many lighting options to choose from, and everything looks beautiful when you are playing your favorite game.


The size and shape of the keyboard are more or less the same as a regular keyboard but where it excels over the mechanical keyboard is the care and attention to detail that has been put in designing the overall shape of the keyboard which is breathtaking. Black in color, the conventional rectangular shape makes sure that it feels easy to operate.

Wooting One Specs


  • The operation is as easy to manage as the regular keyboard that you have been using since years.
  • Makes the gaming experience worth every second with a very smart analog system that decodes the slightest movements you make through the keys.
  • Low maintenance.
  • It also works as a regular keyboard making it a 2 in 1 deal.


  • Price is expected to be on the higher side.
  • Although it can perform as a regular keyboard, its usage is largely limited to the gamers.


In the end, even though Wooting One is leaned towards the gamers, it is no bad deal, and can surely revolutionize the computer gaming sector which happens to be at its peak at the very moment. This beauty will hopefully be in the market by the same time next year, and while it won’t be better than console gaming, it surely is at least worth a try.

Pre-Order now from the Wooting One official website: Wooting.nl

Check out the intro video of the Wooting One:

Energysquare Review – Design, Features, Pros & Cons

EnergySquare Charger

It seems as if the time to say goodbye to the wired chargers is nearing as the world is riding high on the technological advances. The latest one to join the list is this beautiful device called Energysquare that holds within it, the promise to change the way we have been charging our gadgets and appliances.

Energysquare Overview

Energysquare can be described as a brand new generation of wireless chargers that enables the user to charge more than one electrical device at the same time and you don’t even need to worry about the charging speed as it would be at par with what the in-box chargers provide. This wire-free and induction free technology have been doing the waves for a few years now and the popularity keeps increasing. Just place your out-of-juice device on a very thin pad and get it charged faster and safer.

So it seems as if the time has gone of plugging in your charger into the socket and the phone to the charger as this new technology is here to stay. All you have to do is to put a sticker on your phone and then place it on the ultra-thin and attractive pad and voila! It is done. Energysquare will work with almost all phones and tablets that happen to have a micro USB connector attached along with them; which would be a problem for the Apple users whatsoever. The Android and Window Phone users can have all the fun in the world while the iPhone users may have to wait some more for the device that would be compatible with them. However, iPhone users with the lightning connector will have no problem at all.

EnergySquare Review

Design & Working

The basic technology behind the working of Energysquare consists of basically two important elements.

  • The ultra-thin charging pad that is made of conductive squares has been inlaid into an insulating material. Each one of the squares is then controlled by the device’s embedded system independently.
  • The second element is a sticker that needs to be attached to the phone or the device that you are going to charge. The thin and very adhesives sticker then perform the job of attaching the battery of the device to the charging pad. The two conductive dots on the sticker make sure that it receives ample power from the pad in order to charge the battery. As soon as the physical contact is established between the sticker and the pad, the charging process enables.

EnergySquare Specifications


The list of pros, on a basic level, is all related to the differentiation between the regular chargers and Energysquare. There are many areas in which Energysquare seems to be having the upper hand over the regular chargers.

  • First one is the loss of energy, which comes with the induction charging and is practically non-existent in the case of Energysquare.
  • More than one devices can have the stickers attached to them and can be charged all at one go. However, if something doesn’t seem well, you can just remove the sticker and are good to go with the regular charger.
  • One other advantage of it over the regular chargers is that it is safer to charge the phone overnight. In case of induction chargers, it is considered massively unsafe.
  • Other benefits of the device are that Energysquare can be placed anywhere in the house. It is lightweight and doesn’t take a lot of space and this also makes it easy to carry from one place to other.
  • The multiple devices charging feature is enough to compel anyone to go and get one Energysquare for themselves.

Compatibility level is quite high on this one. It covers basically every other smartphone and gadget and all it takes is just putting a sticker on the backside of the device. However, the stickers are tailor-made for different devices. So, if you have more than two different brands of phones in your family, you may have to buy separate stickers. But the upside to all that is, the stickers are not very expensive and can be easily replaced.

The pad comes with a slick technology known as Smart Sleep Mode that keeps away the wastage of power when no device is attached. Once the device if fully charged, the device senses it and the charging gets stopped automatically.


  • The cost of the device is slightly on the higher side and users might not show liking towards the device initially.
  • The stickers are somehow perishable and should be changed at regular intervals.
  • Buying different stickers for different devices and then keeping track may be a headache for some users.

However, the pros of the device do outshine the cons very clearly.


If everything goes right, this could be a huge step forward in the technological innovations and can change the mobile phone charging patterns on a global level. Works are underway to make it better and let’s just hope that it justifies all the hype surrounding it.

Buy Allezola Accessory Band Silicone Strap For Fitbit Alta

Allezola Accessory Band Silicone Strap For Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta:

The latest Fitbit Fitness tracker successor, the Fitbit Alta is quite a great device to have to not just track all your fitness records but also to have Reminders, Call, Text and Calendar alerts, Auto Sleep Tracker and more. Just to make a pun, “With Great Devices Come Great Accessories”, the Fitbit Alta is better in every aspect compared to same level fitness tracker but what if you need more trendy, stylish and fashionable accessories? We have a choice for you.

“Allezola”, a brand named for developing top quality and trendy accessories and clothing has taken the mantle of developing the replacement bands for Fitbit Alta. The Allezola Bands for Fitbit Alta are the top rated Fitbit Alta replacement bands on Amazon so far. With almost 5/5 rating with more than 30+ users, the Allezola bands are a perfect choice if you are looking for replacement bands for your Fitbit Alta.

Allezola Accessory Bands For Fitbit Alta

The Allezola bands for Fitbit Alta are soft, flexible and durable with ease of replacing one color for another. With more than 30+ color schemes, the Allezola Accessory bands will make your day at every occasion and match with every dress you put on.

Key features:

  1. Comfort: Flexible, soft, durable elastomer material
  2. Compatibility: Only for Fitbit Alta
  3. Replace Bands: With easy to remove access, simply remove the sensor, detach the chip and strap in the new band.
  4. Sizes: Come in two different sizes. The small one ranging 5.5 – 6.7 inches and the large one ranges  6.7 – 8.7 inches.


With such great quality bands made available for cheap is what I will be looking for if I own a Fitbit Alta. In fact, I would get the Tracker for the bands.

User Reviews

We have gathered few reviews from users who purchased the product and here is what they felt about the device.

The band fit good to my fitbit, would buy more.
I must say this price is so nice, and the color was same with the picture, my watch have new bands now, thanks!
I brought 2 colors, so that I can share them with my best friend,the good design and material worth the price
The white and black color can match all my close, very useful. But I have to say the other color is more cute.
I like my new fitbit and this accessory band is very easy to change out. I will buy more colors absolutely
So easy to take on and off of the actual tracking piece, and it have so many colors, perfect for me
Excellent wristbands! Nice designs, beautiful color, fit nicely, watchband fastener an added bonus.
Love the band especially because it is easier to attach, that it is a real watch band.

MODE Watchbands 20% Off | Limited Time Sale

MODE Watchbands Sale

Google recently unveiled a new brand of Watchbands for Android Wear in the name MODE. The MODE Watchbands are specially made just for Android Wear and they come in Silicon and Leather and in different sizes. With great quality effort, the Watchbands also showcase a Stylish and Trendy look on your hand.

The MODE Watchbands come in 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm sizes, which will fit all of the current Android Wear smartwatches. Which includes the Huawei Watches, Sony Smartwatch 3, Fossil Q Founder, TAG Heuer Connected, Moto 360 2nd-Gen, Moto 360 1st-Gen, Samsung Gear S2, Samsung Gear Live, ASUS Zenwatch 2, LG Watch Urbane, and few others.

The Leather bands come in Black, Brown, Tan, Grey, Indigo, Green, Ruby, White, Silver and Gold, whereas the Silicon watch bands come in Yellow, Red, Mint, Black, White, and Grey.

Since most of the Smartwatch bands are priced between $10 to $1000+, I have to say that the MODE Watchbands are pretty affordable with a price tag of $59 on Leather bands and $49 on the Silicon bands. With such great quality and being one of the top company’s brand, I would certainly go for it.

MODE Watchbands SALE

According to a post published on official Google’s Google+ profile, they have set a sale for MODE Watchbands that runs through all may and mid-June. To be specific, the sale ends on June 20th offering the customers to purchase the MODE Watchbands at 20% off.

Availing 20% Off

The offer is only valid when you make a purchase through Google Store and not from any third party sellers like Amazon or eBay. To avail the offer simply use the promo code “20WEARMODE” while checking out. The offer also has a limitation of purchasing one Watchband with 20% off and the promo doesn’t apply other items added to your cart.

Arroker Milanese Watch Bands For Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

Arroker Milanese Watchbands for Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

Arroker is an Amazon seller know for the promotion of accessories and essentials for gadgets. The store is pretty new and is stuffed with some great new style of cases for mobile phones, screen guards for Smartwatches, and Watchbands for Smartwatches.

In the store, we found some extremely interesting and good looking stainless steel magnetic loop watchbands for Samsung Galaxy Gear S2. With a shiny look and pricey shade, the watchbands are dead cheap to buy at Amazon. Let me get you deep in the details.

Arroker Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Replacement Wrist Band Accessory Bracelet for Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 SM-R732

  • Specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, the stainless steel strap is manufactured from comfortable materials for daily use.
  • The magnetic loop helps fit 6.7 inches to 8.1 inches wrist with a firm hold.
  • The compression molding helps the Galaxy S2 to comfortably hang on with these straps.
  • These mesh bracelets from Arroker is described to have passed the pulling force test, which kinda sounds great and indicates the durability.
  • The Arroker Milanese Magnetic Loop bands are available in three different colors.

Arroker Milanese Gold Watchband for Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

Arroker Milanese Gold Watchband for FitBit Alta

Arroker Milanese Silver Watchband for Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

Arroker Milanese Silver Watchband for FitBit Alta

Arroker Milanese Black Watchband for Samsung Galaxy Gear S2

Arroker Milanese Black Watchband for FitBit Alta

We are yet to take a review of the product. Soon, we will deliver more details with a review and conclusion. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the Watchbands.

Boombotix Wireless Headphones Review – Features, Pros & Cons


The music fraternity is known to be fiercely loyal to the latest products that crowd the market, the good ones. That is precisely why when Boombotix launched their previous campaigns for the portable speakers, it proved to be a pretty successful campaign. Thanks to that, they are confident enough to come with the latest product that promises to change the music world as we know it.

What we usually desire in a good headphone is that it lets us immerse into the world of music completely without any outside disturbance.  But there always are some crazy ones among us who look in the different direction. They want to enjoy the different ambient sounds of the outside environment while listening to the music and there is a significant lack of good products in the market that provide the same feature. Of course, there are a few companies who manufacture headphones and earphones so bad that they don’t need an extra option to switch on the ambient sound. It needed a technical approach and a balanced interior design what will balance the music and ambient sound in a way that not only enhances the music experience but takes it off the charts.

Boombotix Wireless Headphones Overview

Boombotix stayed away from manufacturing headphones for a significant number of years as they were pretty much content with the products that were already circulating the market. But over time, they felt the need of some high-quality headphones that was going to provide them with the HYBRID sound of the highest degree when they came up with the idea for this particular product. The concept of HYBRID audio is not new or unique per se, many professional DJ and musicians have been using it to create some great music. What if the listeners wanted to have that feel of being one with nature while listening to music live as they had to listen to what the composer did? That is precisely where Boombotix came ahead with a brand new technology to provide the listeners what they desired the most.

The basic concept on which the headphones work is this- there happens to be an additional external microphone delicately placed on the headphone body, and all you have to do is just to activate the option and voila! It is done, in the easiest possible way and we don’t have to speak about the sound quality of the headphones anymore as these guys have proved themselves with their previous products.

Sound Quality

There is a general notion among the public that the wireless factor may mess with the fidelity of the headphones. But this proves to be just a mythical statement in this particular case. The quality, the base and the clarity in the sound offer no trace of mediocrity at all. We can say without any traces of doubt that the sound engineers behind this one had a deep knowledge of about this stuff work; the experience comes in handy we must say.

The instrumental isolation is brilliant, and the bass is one thing where most makers make mistakes. To make the bass extra powerful, they tend to mess up the overall clarity and sound of the device. But this isn’t the case here. You experience the perfect balance of the things.

Material Design

Keeping the hip generation of the youngsters and 20 somethings in mind, the design of these headphones has gone totally savage and bonkers. The shape is wild and has all the charm to attract a lot of music lovers. The coolness quotient doesn’t mess with the comfort level comes with them as they can take on any established biggies if it comes to that.

The headphones have been designed keeping in mind the intense behind the mixer sessions, workouts, traveling and other tasks much less lying in your bed feeling the music. The very smooth interaction between the headphones and the smartphone makes the wired counterparts feel worthless. The designs haven’t been compromised at all while providing the best in the market sound quality to the consumers, which is another mistake made by other companies. The true music lovers know how hard it is to find a perfect balance of style and substance in the industry.

The Bluetooth range is insane, 100 feet for the MASTER and about 300 feet for the MIDI, nailing the competition totally and ruthlessly. Designed with highest quality material for the regular daily use indoors and outdoors, this product is a master in every department. Earmuffs are very delicately stitched leather pads that provide just about enough rigidity to make the experience top notch. The micro earbuds also happen to be crafted with elegance to fit any ear comfortably. The strong and powerful design meets with hipster attitude, the perfect combination!

The master happens to be the top of the line product in this particular segment while provides a great professional level sound along with a strong material design. Equipped with 50mm drivers, alloy hinges, and the HYBRID audio mics, this one rules the roost. Battery backup is up to 250 hours and it takes about 2 and half hours to charge fully. MIDI features 40mm drivers, and the battery backup is more or less the same, so is in the MICRO. All three are water resistant and having highly responsive mechanisms.


  • Lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • An insanely good battery backup that runs for about 250 hours in a standby mode.
  • The sound quality is among the best in the market.


  • Bluetooth connectivity may not work flawlessly on many occasions.


While the competition is intense, there happen to be very few products in the market that delivers what they promise, and that is what makes Boombotix so much special. It takes care of the listener’s demands in the best way possible and has come up with a range of wireless headphones that offers a high-quality sound and functions flawlessly. The Bluetooth range of the headphones is marvelous as well, and this is one brand name to look out for.