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Nimb Review – Design, Features, Pros & Cons


Did anybody have any idea up until a few years ago that a simple ring could provide the most high-level security functions to somebody? Seems like a gadget that is some wild fantasy of a crazy writer. But as it happens to be the case, there is a product that has been created which will do the same. Technology has come so far that it never fails to surprise us, and the credit goes to the visionaries behind those inventions. They have the guts to think and go ahead with creating these wonderful gifts that this beautiful age of technology has bestowed upon us.

Nimb – Ring with a Concealed Button

Nimb is a ring that is worn on the finger that is having a panic button installed in it. What is so special in it? Well, what this little gadget does is that it notifies your preset contacts on the phone in the case of emergencies with what? Just a touch of the thumb and that is it. Emergencies can often be extremely dangerous and life-threatening in some cases, so Nimb provides a vibration feedback that the contacts have been notified, and the help is on the way.

NIMB Review

Whatever the emergency is, whether you are stuck in a natural calamity such as an earthquake, fire eruption or flood or health problems such as heart attacks and anxiety attack, it comes in handy. This little ring performs the job smoothly and accurately. In short, the only motive behind its existence is to keep you safe. Some apps in the market perform the same job more or less, but very few among them provide the simple operation and accuracy as Nimb. The ring is extremely comfortable to wear and looks like a normal ring. Only on a very close inspection would one come to know the difference.

Nimb Working

First, you have to set a safety circle on your Smartphone with GPS service. The people you may want to reach out in the case of emergencies. They may be 911; your friends, parents, spouses or anybody you think would be the right person.

When the emergency erupts, first and foremost, you need to keep calm and maintain a healthy state of mind and panicking may not be good for you or the ring to function properly. Then press the button placed delicately on the ring and you need to hold it for about 3 seconds, and that is almost it. The information regarding your GPS location and profile info will in no time reach the people you have set as emergency contacts.

In the real-time, Nimb will grab your location and other information and is designed to avoid the dangerous delays and unnecessary lags. This will be notified to you with a slow vibration, and you will relax as the response team has got the message and are on their way to you. It is particularly helpful for the women in the third world countries, where the incidents of rape and abduction are unusually common.

NIMB Features


  • As you install the Nimb mobile app on your phone, you are the one to choose the contacts you want to contact in the case of emergencies. You can also choose to keep only the police in your contact list, but we would personally prefer if you had a close friend or a family member as your contact.
  • It is for everyone. From the children to the aged fellows, everyone can take the service of this eccentric device. As the crime rate has been going up, no one is safe and devices like Nimb is must haves in the present scenario for everybody.
  • Other than being a very useful product, it redefines the word cool. Rings have been worn as an accessory since the beginning of the times, and it is a fact that if the ring suits the personality, it is the only additional accessory you may have to need to look stylish. Nimb ring comes in varied colors and forms, and it is up to you to decide which one gels well with your personality. Every design is more stylish and sophisticated than the others.
  • If we are talking about a safety ring, reliability is one aspect that cannot be taken lightly at any cost. According to the manufacturers, they have gone through with hundreds of tests and have constantly updated it and presented in its final form that works smoothly irrespective of the location or the weather conditions. The ring is waterproof and works at different levels of intensity that you have pushed the button in. The Bluetooth stability is amazing, and the strong material used in the ring makes it practically unbreakable.
  • The ring vibrates when a certain distance is reached between you and your phone which ensures the safety of your phone in a simple way.
  • As the button is sunken in, it also makes it impossible to push the button accidentally. Other than that, the button must be pressed for at least 3 seconds before it gets activated which further takes away the possibility of the mistakes.

Technical Specs

  • Available in two color options- Classic White and Stealth Black.
  • Li-Po rechargeable battery.
  • Battery life of two weeks is marvelous.
  • Water and dust production.
  • Anti-allergic metal has been used.


  • Easy to use and works smoothly.
  • Works as promised.
  • Doesn’t lag and provides accurate descriptions of the location.


  • The ring is very little, could get lost if the holder is not extra careful.
  • A few more options must be there at this price as some people may never have to use the safety features.


A must-have for people living in the high-risk zones across the world. The ring looks cool and will suit the personality well if the correct color and form are chosen. Other than that, the app works smoothly, and the chat option that has been added to the overall functionality of the watch works pretty well. A nice product overall but we surely wish that you may never need to use it.

Buy Nimb Smart Ring from the official site: NIMB

Sleepman Review – Features, Pros & Cons


If you are corporate man or woman, there is no other person in the entire world who knows the value of a good night’s sleep more than you. You have gone through sleepless nights due to stress, workload or some other reason, and you crave for a good 8-hour sleep.

Afternoon naps are severely out of the question, though. You feel tired all day, thinking about your sweet soft bed, which further affects your productivity at work. So it’s all downhill without a good sleep, it can be said. Worse, the economy is growing, so more jobs and more and more people every day falling into the trap of sleepless nights. What if the technology took over and handled your problems swiftly.

Well, here it is, the Sleepman. The device manufactured just for the sake of getting its owner a good night’s sleep.

Sleepman Review

Sleepman Overview

Sleepman aids in getting you a stress-free, calm and beautiful, good night’s sleep and thus, does wonder for your overall well-being. It happens to be a unique multifunctional monitoring device that doesn’t seem like anything short of a miracle.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of it as just another smartwatch or some innovative alarm clock that would just wake you up and have some cool features. These things are here, but there is much more to it.

On the core level, it functions as a wellness device, and its job is to optimize and enhance your sleep, to get you to wake up during the perfect sleep phase and also to provide you a good history check of your sleep patterns along with the daily activity levels.

Sleepman Features

What is more, it will warn you of the drowsiness you feel while driving, which could be fatal in many cases. This has become a worrisome cause of the accident. The watch notifies you whenever you are feeling like closing your eyes and put them at rest at the office, in the car or while doing any other activities. Without affecting your everyday lifestyle, Sleepman improves the way you have been unsatisfactorily sleeping all this time.

The fresh mind and body come along with the increased productivity in the professional life, a good social and personal life. You feel fresh all day, and then there is that saying ‘health is wealth.’ So it seems, that those unhealthy days are over for you as we all are ushering into a bright future.


Bio Smart Alarm

  • Timing, as the researchers and leading scholars say when it comes to understanding the perfect sleep pattern for a human body, is the key. That is the secret for you to get a perfect sleep and to wake up full of energy and enthusiasm every single day. There is nothing more.
  • If you can get the sleep for about 8 hours per night, you will wake up refreshed. Some unnecessary habits such as smoking and drinking the previous night may challenge the notion of a good night’s sleep, so you need to cut it out of your lifestyle. Where the timing comes in the question is that you need to wake up at the perfect time during the sleep where you don’t feel tired and want to go back to the bed already.
  • Sleepman continuously monitors your sleep stages that keep altering during the time you are sound asleep. It has a unique system that it catches the time when your sleep is the lightest and wakes you up right at that moment. All these facts have been approved by the leading researchers, and they have designed the device based on that only.

Doze off Alert

  • This particular feature is designed keeping in mind the road safety and to minimize all those accidents which happen due to the tiredness due to lack of sleep in the drivers. It accounts for about half of the overall road accidents.
  • It has the sensors to detect the bio-signals of the drivers and keeps the check of the loss of concentration while driving, and when it does detect an irregularity, it has a warning system that notifies the driver about it. Vibrations, flashing lights and sounds are pre-installed features which warn the driver and immediately takes their attention back to the road.
  • There are many such devices in the market but what makes Sleepman better than them is that it decides the level of consciousness by keeping the check of the pulse and other bodily reactions. Others do this by checking on the body movements like movements of the head going down which may be too late.

Power Nap Alarm

  • We can’t stress enough on the importance of a power nap in between the work which may make you wake up all refreshed and fresh.
  • An ideal nap should be about 20 minutes, and the naps can make you tired, but not with Sleepman, it wakes you up from the nap at the perfect time to avoid the tiredness and drowsiness that follows.
  • Sleepman helps you to stay away from a deep sleep during the nap.

Sleep and Activity Tracker

  • Sleepman provides you data about your sleep patterns and activity levels to make you maintain a check about your sleep.
  • The data is sent to your smartphones via Bluetooth in perfectly understandable graphs forms. This helps you in maintaining a healthy routine and thus a healthy lifestyle.


  • Great device for health-conscious individuals.
  • Works like a charm in monitoring the sleep patterns and provide you accurate data about how much sleep do you require.
  • Great for taking a nap.


  • Heavy on the pocket.
  • May feel uncomfortable keeping it on the wrist at night that is if you don’t put it on a nearby table or bed.


Sleepman is a great device to help you get proper rest which you rightly deserve. It does work the way it promises, and thus, it happens to be a good deal if you are one of those who crave for a good night’s sleep.

The Basslet Review – Features, Pros & Cons

The Basslet

Gone are the times when listening to music was an indoor job. People have always believed that music is an experience that feels the best when you are in closed walls with those smashing speakers and woofers that take the whole musical experience to a whole new level altogether. While on the other hand, outdoors music listening was meant to have through headphones and earphones that provided a good experience but nowhere near the giant rocking woofers.

The concept of portable speakers just arrived a few years ago since the advent of the Bluetooth technology in the phones and the tech world has been going berserk about it since then. Thanks to this sort of revolution, there are many companies showing up with their innovative designs of speakers and woofers that could be taken along wherever you go. Whether it is just a general outing with your closest friends or a nearby trip to some hill station or the beach, they are everywhere. Mostly because they are affordable and provide a good sound to the listeners but did we need a woofer that could be tied around your wrist like a watch? Let us find out.

The Basslet Overview

The Basslet can be defined in the simplest of the words as a portable subwoofer for your body that gets worn on the wrist. Many people will doubt the sound quality and overall music experience this tiny watch-like device could provide them. Well, all we are going to say to that is that size does matter in some places, but this is one of the rare instances where size comes as an advantage rather than a backdrop. The device takes the assistance of a whole new technology invented by some visionaries and it provides a sound and feel to the music that most top rated headphones cannot. It may sound clichéd, but it lets you feel the music.

It can also be defined as a masterful invention if the testaments of the some of the best people in the market are to be believed. It holds the power of a strong speaker system in a device that is as tiny as your wristwatch. Seems almost impossible right? We will discuss that later when we go onto the design and the technical aspects of the device, but for now, let us just tell you that it holds the power of a massive sound system.

The Basslet Review

The Basslet Design

There are some stubborn people out there who go for the looks before anything else. We are not saying this is a bad thing; in fact, it’s the opposite. It makes the makers put in some extra efforts to design the products in a way that appeals to everybody. The way Basslet has been designed puts us into a new perspective altogether.

The young minds behind it have gone all crazy on the design, and if does not get the younger generation crazy, I don’t know what can. WertelOberfell is the design studio that has done the amazing job of providing the gadget with some great looks combining the strongest materials they could use.

Light in weight yet extremely strong, you can feel it upon touching it. You can wear it on your wrists all day long without even feeling anything. More so, if you happen to dislike the strap, which we strongly doubt you would, it happens to be easily replaceable. You just have to find the right strap meeting your requirements. The only thing is that it entertains only 24mm straps.

The Basslet Design Review

All-stars to the design feels stylish and oddly but beautifully crude. Suitable mostly for the young guns, but age is just a number for some, right?

The Basslet Working

The very innovative technology has been designed in Germany by a team of some experienced people in the trade. The LoSound engine does the job of flawlessly recreating the bass frequencies and takes them down to 10 Hz. What it does is that it provides a powerful frequency response that happens to be bass-optimized and also a very large dynamic range that effortlessly handles the low-end peaks with an insane accuracy?

The very precise LoSound engine results in a surprisingly deep sound which in some twisted way, provides the experience of standing beside a very powerful woofer. The voice coil design that is unheard of largely, aids in the optimized magnetic flows that gives out a compact and sophisticated sound output. This one of a kind technology has been designed for everyday life, and this is the very first time that this technology has been put to the use.

The Basslet comes along with a small sender that works at plugging the headphones or any other device with an audio jack socket.


  • LoSound engine with a great frequency response for extremely clear and loud enough sound experience.
  • Silent to the outside world.
  • More than 6 hours of the playtime at the maximum volume.
  • Less than one hour of charging required for a full charge.
  • Extremely low latency for a great sync with the music.
  • Plug and play, no middle software needed.
  • 3.5 mm headphone/earphone input.
  • USB input for the charging purposes.
  • Extremely lightweight and can be worn anytime and anywhere without much hassle.
  • Water resistant, so that you don’t have to worry about the rain or the sweat during the intense workout sessions.


  • Good sound and frequency deliver what it promises.
  • Great design that looks great on the wrist.
  • Strong built.


  • Earphones may plug out of it now and then if the wire is small.
  • Comes in black color only. More options may be added.


There is no doubt about the fact that this is a great device laced with a brand new technology that is unheard of in the tech alleys. The sound quality is amazing for the size and price this comes in. Great design and specs make the Basslet a total charmer, and if you are looking for a product like this, you should certainly go for it.

Visual Caffeine Review – Features, Specs, Pros & Cons

Visual Caffeine

Have you ever feel tired at work? Who are we kidding, who does not? Especially if it’s a corporate job but there is this thing called caffeine, which feels like music to the ears. You gulp down endless cups of coffee to keep yourself awake in those tiring hours to keep your job. The cut-throat competition goes savage on your health, and the stress level comes with its bundles of physical and psychological problems. Coffee is known to stimulate every pore of your body and energize you so that you can face those deadly hours with ease. But is that enough?

That is the question that the minds behind Visual Caffeine have been asking a lot of people before they came up with the nasty idea of playing with the psychology of the working population. They do it while playing with the light. Yes, you heard it right. They seem to have researched enough to land finally on the conclusion about how light affects your mood and productivity at different times in a day, and they are here now with a new product that will change the way you have been working in closed space in your workplaces. Read further to know more.

Visual Caffeine Overview

As Visual Caffeine stabilizes your biorhythm, it makes you feel relaxed and at calm all the times while you are studying, working on some novel or in some corporate office. The team behind the product believes with all their hearts that they are the first people to have come up with that sort of innovative technology and for what? They want to revolutionize the working environment as we know it and going by what they have to offer; we may think that their product does have the ability to make a difference.

The different studies have proven again and again either subconsciously or consciously; the human brain responds to the amount, the type of lights that falls on the eyes. The brain decides whether the light will bring wakefulness or the sleepiness based on different factors. Take, for example; the sun is usually very rich in a certain blue light during the noon hours while in the morning and the evenings, it emits a warm and reddish hue. Most of the corporate offices nowadays don’t care much about this fact, and they keep the fluorescent lights up all day in the offices. The artificial light gets the brain out of sync, and the employees feel tired even in the morning. And this affects the productivity to a noticeable degree, which further comes to haunt in the night time during the sleep.

Visual Caffeine Review

Let us now take a look at the features and the working process of this interesting device.

Visual Caffeine Features

  • It gives your brain an illusion of working in the natural sunlight. The hue and the warmth of the lights keep changing throughout the day. Which in turn puts the brain in a relaxing mode and you don’t feel clustered in four walls.
  • There is an interesting feature in the device that’s called Coffee Button, and the button is christened like that for a reason. It tries to replace the actual coffee with a warm light effect. The caffeine content in the coffee is known to have a very deep impact on a person’s psyche and is known to make the mind more attentive. Once the button is pressed, you get a 30-minute dose of energizing blue light which gives out a soothing effect to the receiver.
  • Feel like you had too much coffee? There is a solution to that also within the device. You are one push away from turning the blue visual coffee into a warmer reddish light which takes your heightened senses back to normal.
  • Many of the lights that we witness on our day to day basis happen to have a spectrum with a lot of gaps in them. This one has a wide spectrum which comes with a lot of benefits.
  • The lights and some lights can be personalized where you can have the effect of working in someplace else. For example- if you are working in the night shifts in the UK, you can manipulate the lights in such as way that would make it feel like a normal day in India.
  • This is a three in one device basically where you get one lamp, one panel for direct sunlight and a ceiling spot, all at the cost of one.
  • Direct sunlight effect is there to give a strong feeling of working in the daylight. However, it should be maintained at a balanced level in case you don’t want to blind yourself.
  • In the evening time, the light on the lamp mimics evening outside. Means the light will slowly dim without you even noticing. In some twisted way, this little device aspires to be a perfectly working artificial sun.

Visual Caffeine Review Testing

Technical Details

  • A desk lamp that is glare free is there to give you a perfect setup for reading a book or studying.
  • Up to 650 Lux on the table, Luminous Flux: up to 1200lm, Color temperature: keeps changing over the day from ≤2700K to ≥5000K – CRI>91 and Power consumption: less than 12.5W.
  • One daylight lamp that illuminates up to 3000 Lux at the level of the eye (with a distance of 30cm) – cool blue light for Boost mode as good as 10.000 Lux in 30cm – Luminous Flux up to 4500lm – Power consumption: less than 38W.
  • One ceiling spot. Luminous Flux up to 1200lm – the Colour temperature range: 2200K…6500K – CRI>91 – Power consumption: well under 12.5W.


  • Low power consumption, works well.
  • Lightweight can be carried easily.


  • Slightly complicated mechanism.
  • If not kept in check, the lights may prove to be harmful to the eyes.


Overall, the device is quite good and justifies the name Visual Caffeine quite well. Great for the prolonged working conditions indoor but the complications in setting it up can be faced earlier and if not set up properly, can cause more harm than benefits.

Turtle Shell 3.0 Review – Features, Specs, Pros & Cons

Turtle Shell 3

Wireless speakers have become a new favorite in the music arena. Listening to loud music in your soundproof room seems like ancient history now. How many times have you seen somebody carrying little objects that sound nothing less than magnificent? Ideal for the long travels and campfires, these speakers work through a wireless Bluetooth network and works flawlessly. But there have been some downsides to that as well.

First, most of them have failed to stand the test of the time, they break easily and for the most part, they are not waterproof. So they are not ideal to take out in the rains and shouldn’t be handled roughly. All these limitations have somehow stopped them from becoming a rage in the music listeners market.

However, it was just a matter of time when some company came up with the portable outdoor speakers that would be strong as a rock and waterproof. So many of them came ahead but again, the problem remained, none of them took the venture seriously so they couldn’t make it big. All that was needed was a company that would focus its all attention on designing some high-quality outdoor speakers and here it is.

Turtle Shell 3.0 Waterproof Wireless Daisy Chain Speakers

The Turtle Shell 3.0 is here and as catchy the name is, it does exactly what it promises. The speakers are loud enough for the craziest of music lovers and these speakers are waterproof at their very core. Other than that, there is an inbuilt power back inside them which would let you charge your smartphone or iPod.

We are not done here, in the string of features that it comes with; there is one more that is sure to win the hearts of many. The speaker can be linked to other wireless speakers to give you the music in the maximum volume that one can imagine.

The product is well equipped with all the charm, design, and the style that its creators, the guys at Outdoor Tech are popular for. They started off from California and with this product, they seem to look like very those few guys in the market who knows the true potential of taking care of the design as carefully as the technical specs and the features in the product. The hard work that they put and their ambition behind it

The hard work that they put and their ambition behind it are clearly visible and they seem quite confident about the product. Well, only the time will tell whether or not they would be able to stand the test of time but for now, let us have a deeper analysis of what Turtle Shell 3.0 offer in terms of features.

Turtle Shell 3 Review


  • Connecting multiple speakers to a little beast was not as easy before. With Turtle Shell, you can work as many speakers through a wireless connection, and that is in case your Turtle Shell doesn’t seem loud enough for you, which is something we strongly doubt.
  • Bluetooth v4.2 operates flawlessly with the speaker and the connection provides a deep satisfactory output. First, you have to pair one speaker with your phone, tablet or laptop with Bluetooth connectivity and then you have to pair the speaker with a Turtle Shell speaker.
  • You can have the first speaker at a distance of about 30 feet from the device and the Turtle Shell would work within the range of 15 feet from those first speakers and just like that, you are in for a rocking experience.
  • Turtle Shell happens to be completely dust and waterproof at its core. However, we strongly doubt why would somebody want to listen to the music underwater but in case you want to, you have got the right product in the form of Turtle Shell. You can sink it up to 3 feet underwater and when you take it out, it would still be working flawlessly. Same with dust, Turtle Shell is inherently dustproof. So take with you in the dusty winds and desert areas and it would give you an experience of your lifetime without compromising on the quality.
  • Accidents happen all the time and given the waterproof nature of the device, you may drop it in the pool or the bathtub while enjoying the music as its very fine. But you don’t need to worry, the device doesn’t sink. It floats on the water surface and the music won’t stop. In that way, it quite justifies why it is called Turtle Shell. So in case it falls, you don’t have to be a deep-sea diver in order to find it underwater. It just comes on the surface itself.
  • A speaker is not known by its waterproof or the dustproof nature. The main objective of designing a speaker is to provide the high-quality sound output to the consumer and Turtle Shell does it well. Being small, light and stylish doesn’t take away its quality. The bass and treble are just perfect for a normal everyday listener. But in case you are a DJ or something like that, you may be slightly disappointed.
  • Rechargeable battery. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the Turtle Shell and afterward you have it working for many hours in a go.
  • Easy to use buttons come with it, not like some other high-end speakers where a normal consumer tends to get lost in translation.

Technical Specs

  • Speaker Size: 42mm
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 73±3dB
  • Speaker Impedance: 4Ω±15%
  • Speaker Max Input Power: @3W average
  • Speaker Frequency Range: 170HZ~20KHz (SPL -10 dB)


  • Works underwater.
  • Great sound output for its size.
  • Multiple speakers can be connected.


  • Loudness is not that good.


This is not the very first underwater sound system but it surely is the most compact, small and beautifully designed little device. We cannot say that this will suit everybody but it offers nothing more than the average speakers other than the obvious waterproof tech, but it sure is worth a shot.

Super Brain 2 Review – Features Pros & Cons

Super Brain 2 Review

It is said that we only use about 9 percent of our brain in the conscious state; even the scholars in the field or neurology don’t know what we are capable of if we could use 100% of it. If we could come from the cavemen era to present era of the high-tech innovations with using just a fraction of our creative powers, it itself becomes insane to even think what can we really do at our full potential. Unlocking the true powers of the brains has been a very interesting topic of discussion always. The philosophers and the psychologists have spent centuries in their pursuit but it still remains a mystery more or less. But there is enough progress here to understand more about it.

Unlocking the true powers of the brains has been a very interesting topic of discussion always. The philosophers and the psychologists have spent centuries in their pursuit but it still remains a mystery more or less. But there is enough progress here to understand more about it.

The most common among those concepts is the concept of the subconscious mind. Everything we hear and everything we see gets stored deep within our subconscious mind, which later comes in front of us in the different forms such as dreams and the feelings of déjà vu. Neville Goddard was one of the very few people who first came ahead with a theory of how to take your subconscious mind in control, but it still remains untested. Then comes the science in the picture with something that claims to unlock the hidden treasures of the subconscious mind in the form of Super Brain 2.

Neville Goddard was one of the very few people who first came ahead with a theory of how to take your subconscious mind in control, but it still remains untested. Then comes the science in the picture with something that claims to unlock the hidden treasures of the subconscious mind in the form of Super Brain 2.

Super Brain 2

Everyone knows that brain is the source of all the functions in the human body. There are several myths attached with the mind that tries to unlock the mystery that human mind is. But very few of us are exactly aware of the processes that could harness and make the brain more productive, just like Neville Goddard tried to prove. Having a proper understanding of the working patterns of the human mind can expose you to a whole new modified consciousness that you find yourself to be a different, better human being in almost no time.

For a better understanding of the concept let’s break it down into five categories according to the workings of the mind.

  • Beta or the alert consciousness or the normal state of wakefulness.
  • SMR, the still concentration or the state where one is alert consciously but can’t move.
  • Alpha, relaxed consciousness, the one common in creative people and the children.
  • Theta or relaxed sub-consciousness or the state of meditation or light sleep.
  • Delta, or deep rest, the sleep.

The entire human thought process and workings of the brain come under these five categories and with an understanding of this concept, BG7 REX has come up with the Super Brain 2. It claims that it can alter the state of consciousness to some degree with the help of magnetic waves.

Super Brain 2


All the above mentioned five pointers if understood properly, we can do so much better with our lives and can lead a stress-free and fulfilled life. Most adults spend much part of their lives in the Beta state and they need to make sure that it doesn’t affect their quality of life in any way. That could happen with the emission of the brain wave that causes stress which comes with a lot of mental and physical issues.

Super Brain 2 is a device that decodes the patterns of the brain waves that does the stimulation of the theta, alpha, SMR and delta waves as it significantly alters the frequency of the magnetic waves. The device was based on the findings that say that both the human and animal minds work alike in many ways when it comes to being influenced by the magnetic waves.

The difference between the other brain wave learning devices with Super Brain 2 is that while they induced the brain waves indirectly using the disorienting patterns, Super Brain 2 goes with a magnetic band. This band can alter the direction of the magnetic waves to get different states of consciousness. Inducing the Alpha brain waves can help you take down the stress level to a minimum, the SMR waves can give you a whole new sense of alertness. On the other hand induction of the Theta brainwaves can help you relax and go into a meditative state while the Delta brain waves can assist in providing you with the deep mental rest.

Inducing the Alpha brain waves can help you take down the stress level to a minimum, the SMR waves can give you a whole new sense of alertness. On the other hand induction of the Theta brainwaves can help you relax and go into a meditative state while the Delta brain waves can assist in providing you with the deep mental rest.

The headband comes with four basic modes- Learning, Sleep, Meditation and the Fatigue recovery. Each of these modes will do the job of stimulating the corresponding waves in the brain to reach a certain level of consciousness that is most desired by the brain at a certain time.

To put it in the simplest words for a better understanding, Super Brain 2 bounces off between the different levels of consciousness in order to make you feel more relaxed and a more centered human being.

Super Brain 2 Features

  • Provides a very deep and comfortable sleep.
  • Adjustment of the jet lag.
  • Helps people who are bad at concentrating on a certain task.
  • Helps creative people in facilitating the creative spark. Like the writer’s block, where the writer become unable to think of something new for a certain period of time.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression to a great degree by significantly altering the waves.

The previous products that promised the same results have failed to prove the effectiveness and given the scientific facts that Super Brain 2 works on, it seems something refreshing and who knows, it could be a new advancement in the studies of the human consciousness.


  • Deeply effective and works on the innermost levels of the working of the human brain.
  • Easy to carry and portable headband.
  • Looks stylish on the forehead.


  • It shouldn’t be complained keeping in mind the almost miraculous feats it performs.
  • You need to have a well-settled mindset to get it working properly.


We won’t go as far to say that it is the next step for humanity, but we would like to say Super Brain 2 is akin to the deepest meditation and the level of transcendence that you have ever achieved, which makes it special.

Satechi Bluetooth Media Button Review – Features, Pros & Cons

Satichi Bluetooth Media Button Review

There are times when your phone generally gets out of your reach when you are listening to the music. Most of the times, it doesn’t take too much of your time or your effort to go and grab it but there are times when it becomes almost impossible.

Take a vehicle for example, taking your eyes off the road even for a second or two may prove to be extremely dangerous in certain cases. Some people just can’t get away from their phones and while it may not be a bad thing, it should never result in someone casually losing their lives.

That is precisely where Satechi Bluetooth Media Button series comes in picture. It makes your life so much easier by keeping you in control of your iPhone’s multimedia functions at all times.

Bluetooth Media Button Overview

Satechi BT Button series does a fine job of making your phone much more accessible to you than ever before. Speaking in broader terms, what it basically does is that it puts the control of your phone’s all multimedia functions in your hands and that too with a single press of a button.

The best part is that you can place the button anywhere, in your keychain, wallet, dashboard, of your car and anywhere else that you think will be better. It makes you get access to your Smartphone whenever it goes out of reach of your eyes and hands. Whether it’s in your pocket and you are feeling too lazy to take it out of your tight jeans or on the table far away from you or maybe from the backseat of your car. It does make the life a little bit easier on your part.

The range of the device is up to 40 feet which is massive and more than enough for most of the users. The Bluetooth technique is used to connect the phone with the device and depending on the connection between them, the device works and it works flawlessly if there is no interruption from the outside. In many ways, this device can be termed as a revolutionary product which is a must have if you own a Smartphone, which we doubt everyone does nowadays.

There are many functions that this little device can perform, and it doesn’t require your phone to be with you during that. You can stop/play, forward/backward, change the volume levels just with a push of your button which you have comfortably placed within your reach. The latest Bluetooth update comes with the device and it works smoothly. It is a very little device which can be carried very easily from one place to another and it can be adjusted anywhere, the place where you are most comfortable using it.

Coming with some amazing features, this is arguably the first device of its kind. Let’s take a look at the various features that Satechi has to offer in terms of services, build and durability.

Bluetooth Media Button Features

  • Controlled media playback

As mentioned in the description quite extensively, this happens to be the foremost feature of this device for which it has been made for. Controlling the media services on your phone was never so easy before.

You are just a button press away from changing the tracks; adjust the volume on your phone and that too even without touching your phone. So basically, no worries if the phone happens to fall under the seats of the car while driving. You can take it out later, for now, just let the music play and have a joyful ride.

  • Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth has made our lives so much easier. Everything is under our range now. Large files get exchanged with a simple and invisible connection. But here, it does the job of connecting the phone to a device which controls the functions on your phone.

You just have to pair the BT shutter button with your tablet or smartphone through a Bluetooth connection and you are basically done. There is no need to install any third party software or anything like that in order to make the function work. The Bluetooth range is quite insane at 40 feet and that would be enough for almost all the users.

  • Mount Attachment

Mounting the device shouldn’t come across as an issue with this as an additional mount is provided within the box in order to comfortably mount the device anywhere. Yes, with a very effective grip, you can mount the Satechi media button to your steering wheel, or maybe the handlebars of your bicycles. It helps you in maintaining your eyes on the road while listening to the music and that too without even having an idea of where your phone is.

  • Compatibility

Satechi is made keeping some high-end phones in the view. The devices that it is compatible with are, iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C, iPod Touch 5G/4G, iPad Air 2/Air/Mini/3/2/1, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 4/3/2/Edge/Pro/Tab Pro, Google Nexus 9/7/6/5, Moto X/G, LG G3, and more


It’s as easy as pairing your phone to other phone using Bluetooth. You have to press the tiny pairing button on the device until the lights blinks blue. Then turn the Bluetooth search on your phone, the Satechi will show up there as ‘POP Multimedia’. Select that option to connect and with that, you are done. There are no additional apps needed in order to make it work.

Bluetooth Media Button


  • Easy to connect and a flawless connectivity.
  • Works like a charm; the volume buttons and other controls are smooth to press and feel good.
  • The device looks good.


  • The pairing button is somehow hard to push.
  • The diameter of the mount may be too big for some users.


Satechi media button comes into the market and has already built a great reputation. The working and usefulness of the Bluetooth media button had made the consumers to create a massive demand for the product in the international market which is a great thing for the company. If the cons of the product are to be ignored, it makes for such a great deal.

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Everlast Smart Notebook Review – Features, Pros & Cons

Everlast Smart Notebook Review

Everyone uses a notebook and pen at one point in their life; let it be in the classroom for taking notes, official meetings for creating spreadsheets or just to draw something abstract. Some people give preference to laptops and tablets for digital note-taking while others still love the traditional pen and paper combination.

Creative people, especially poets and storytellers prefer the usage of a paper notebook to let their thoughts flow easily through their words. However, people who use laptops for notes love typing for the speed and convenience to save documents and access anytime via drives. The one constant issue with conventional notebooks is the limited space, once full; a new one needs to be purchased.

In order to get notes of past classes, a student needs to go through a bundle of full notebooks. To overcome, this issue the concept of a reusable notebook has been introduced under the name The Everlast Notebook by Rocketbook.

Everlast Notebook Overview

The Everlast Notebook, created by Rocketbook based in Boston Massachusetts, provides the conventional pen and paper experience, but with a technological twist. It looks and feels like the classic notebook, but this smart notebook is actually reusable for the rest of your life and can connect to cloud services. This notebook is compatible with Rocketbook application and hence all your notes written on the pages will get stored on online destinations like Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote in a perfectly organized manner.

Thus, this two-in-one smart notebook allows you to doodle with a pen while storing it all on a laptop already. This physical notebook with reusable pages is made in a way that while writing or drawing with a pen, the ink will stick to the pages without smudges. However, just add a drop or water or take a wet towel and erase everything that you have written with a single wipe once the pages are full, and your notebook is ready to be used in a brand new sensor.

Everlast Notebook Review

In order to save your work, all you need to do is click photos of each page in your notebook with the help of Rocketbook application available for both iOS and Android and then turn on the sync to access the pages from the cloud services of your choice. When pictures are clicked via Rocketbook, the pictures are cropped and processed and then sent to the cloud.

Everlast Notebook Salient Features

  • It is not a typical tiny whiteboard; in fact, the 36 or 32 pages are a waterproof synthetic poly blend. The pages have a dot grid pattern and polyethylene binding.
  • The Everlast Notebook is available in two sizes- The standard Letter Size and smaller Executive Size, having 32 and 36 sheets and a dimension of 8.5X11 inches and 6X8 inches respectively.
  • By using a wet towel, everything written with Pilot Frixion pens can be erased.
  • The users get the option to select the service each page should go to by marking them at the bottom in form of tiny symbols.
  • Rocketbook application crops and rotates pages automatically and the QR codes on physical pages tell page numbers to the application and hence all your work is saved online in a perfect order.


  • The ideal notebook for those looking for freedom while sketching and writing but while saving and reusing papers.
  • The feel and function of a traditional notebook and compatibility with cloud technology.
  • Saves money, space, time and arranges notes in a perfect order.
  • The unique material (Synthetic polymer) actually makes you feel like using a normal notebook as the page don’t feel glossy.
  • Easy conversion of handwritten notes into files on a computer using the patent-pending image capture technology.
  • The unique ability of the application to make the sketches and drawings look better and crisp on the app than in reality due to automatically enhancing ability.


  • The limitation of using pens only from the Pilot Frixion line.
  • The ink takes about 15 seconds to dry completely and there are chances of transferring the ink on another page.
  • The work written needs to be erased every few weeks to keep the notebook working in a good condition, as after two-three months the ink may leave a faint trace behind.


What can be better than writing on a notebook without actually using the paper? Who wants to store a pile of notebooks when you can access all your work from your mobile? The idea of having a smart reusable notebook is definitely revolutionary. With the usage of The Everlast Notebook, one will be able to take all the benefits of smart technology while having the freedom to use an actual pen and paper instead keyboard and mouse. With its endless reusable ability, this product will prove ideal for artists and students.

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Raboo Smart Charger Review – Features, Pros & Cons

Raboo Smart Charger

We all love our smart devices to bits, but overcharging and overheating issues often damage our devices to a great extent by degrading the lifespan of batteries. Overheating, Trickle Charging and Overcharging are the issues that have been giving a headache to all the smart gadget owners. With the recent challenges with the issue of exploding batteries, people have been looking for a smart charger that can tackle all such issues. Looks like Raboo Smart Charger has arrived to save people from this problem completely.

Raboo Smart Charger

Rabootec has been introduced as the World’s first Smart charger which is smart enough to automatically disconnect once the device is fully charged and hence promising the longer life of our electronic gadgets. This type of ideal charging is achieved through Printed Circuit Board (PCB) hardware and software which can be downloaded for iOS and Android both. Raboo charger is environment-friendly, smart, intelligent, reliable and fully adaptable to the needs of current smart device owners.

Raboo Smart Charger Review


The only thing different about Raboo charger is that unlike others, it communicated with connected devices via the means of Bluetooth. This makes it quite simple to use. The users will need to download the Raboo app first. After opening, the app will automatically connect to the charger via Bluetooth. The device is charged to a full hundred percent and once the charging reaches its full potential, the current will automatically stop flowing and hence your device will stay protected. The app allows the users to control the charging and recharging limits of their smart devices’ batteries. Once your battery starts discharging and reaches a certain limit, set by the user, the device will start charging again. Moreover, the charger is designed to be slim and it makes it easy to carry anywhere while placing in the pocket.

Steps to Smart Charging

  • Download the Raboo app from Google Play or App Store
  • Plug your Smart Device into charger via USB
  • Connect the charger to device via Bluetooth
  • Set your customized charging preferences
  • Enjoy long-lasting battery life

Raboo Features

  • Raboo consists of a wall charger and a smartphone app for both iOS and Android devices to provide the smart charging solutions.
  • User controlled charging and recharging limits.
  • Eliminates the issues of overheating, trickle charging and overcharging.
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emission and cuts down overall electricity bills.
  • Makes it completely safe to keep the device connected to the charger all the time.

Difference between Raboo and Ordinary Charger

The main difference between Raboo and normal charging devices is that while Raboo Smart Technology automatically controls the flow of current to the battery, the other chargers promising ‘fast charging’ just increase the current flow and hence damage the battery. Recent studies have shown that fast charging for the Li-Ion batteries reduces the overall lifespan of these batteries. This is where Raboo comes in, which instead of increasing the charge flow; actually controls the amount of current being passed to the device and hence, in turn, adds a few more years to the life of the battery of our smart devices.


  • Increases the battery life from 30 to 50%
  • Data harvesting and analysis
  • Available in multiple casing colors; black, white, golden and gray.


Raboo charger is promising the ‘smart charging solution’ that we all need desperately. The users often complain about their smart devices getting damaged as the batteries malfunctions. This malfunctioning happens just because they have a habit of charging their phones whole night. However, with Raboo the users will be in full control of the percentage they want their smartphones to be charged up to.