Raboo Smart Charger Review – Features, Pros & Cons


We all love our smart devices to bits, but overcharging and overheating issues often damage our devices to a great extent by degrading the lifespan of batteries. Overheating, Trickle Charging and Overcharging are the issues that have been giving a headache to all the smart gadget owners. With the recent challenges with the issue of exploding batteries, people have been looking for a smart charger that can tackle all such issues. Looks like Raboo Smart Charger has arrived to save people from this problem completely.

Raboo Smart Charger

Rabootec has been introduced as the World’s first Smart charger which is smart enough to automatically disconnect once the device is fully charged and hence promising the longer life of our electronic gadgets. This type of ideal charging is achieved through Printed Circuit Board (PCB) hardware and software which can be downloaded for iOS and Android both. Raboo charger is environment-friendly, smart, intelligent, reliable and fully adaptable to the needs of current smart device owners.

Raboo Smart Charger Review


The only thing different about Raboo charger is that unlike others, it communicated with connected devices via the means of Bluetooth. This makes it quite simple to use. The users will need to download the Raboo app first. After opening, the app will automatically connect to the charger via Bluetooth. The device is charged to a full hundred percent and once the charging reaches its full potential, the current will automatically stop flowing and hence your device will stay protected. The app allows the users to control the charging and recharging limits of their smart devices’ batteries. Once your battery starts discharging and reaches a certain limit, set by the user, the device will start charging again. Moreover, the charger is designed to be slim and it makes it easy to carry anywhere while placing in the pocket.

Steps to Smart Charging

  • Download the Raboo app from Google Play or App Store
  • Plug your Smart Device into charger via USB
  • Connect the charger to device via Bluetooth
  • Set your customized charging preferences
  • Enjoy long-lasting battery life

Raboo Features

  • Raboo consists of a wall charger and a smartphone app for both iOS and Android devices to provide the smart charging solutions.
  • User controlled charging and recharging limits.
  • Eliminates the issues of overheating, trickle charging and overcharging.
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emission and cuts down overall electricity bills.
  • Makes it completely safe to keep the device connected to the charger all the time.

Difference between Raboo and Ordinary Charger

The main difference between Raboo and normal charging devices is that while Raboo Smart Technology automatically controls the flow of current to the battery, the other chargers promising ‘fast charging’ just increase the current flow and hence damage the battery. Recent studies have shown that fast charging for the Li-Ion batteries reduces the overall lifespan of these batteries. This is where Raboo comes in, which instead of increasing the charge flow; actually controls the amount of current being passed to the device and hence, in turn, adds a few more years to the life of the battery of our smart devices.


  • Increases the battery life from 30 to 50%
  • Data harvesting and analysis
  • Available in multiple casing colors; black, white, golden and gray.


Raboo charger is promising the ‘smart charging solution’ that we all need desperately. The users often complain about their smart devices getting damaged as the batteries malfunctions. This malfunctioning happens just because they have a habit of charging their phones whole night. However, with Raboo the users will be in full control of the percentage they want their smartphones to be charged up to.

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